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Save the Date: Hillman City Clean-up, Sat, 4/30,

It’s time for a clean-up! Hillman City & Southeast Seattle friends: show your ‪#‎hillmancitylove‬ and spend help us fight grime! Not only are Emerald City Comicon 2016 {Community} Superhero capes available for volunteers, along with a hot cup of coffee from Tin Umbrella Coffee — clean streets are a simple, direct way to make a […]

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It’s Cold Brew Coffee Season

Iced coffee season is here! Come start your day with a refreshing cold brewed coffee! 😊💖 Single origin Ethiopian coffee Locally roasted Small-batch brewed Totally delicious

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chef harold Umani Kushi curry bread

South SEA Solo-Entrepreneur: Umami Kushi

Amazing story, here, from Seattle Dining of just one of the South Seattle based solo-entrepreneurs we are oh-so-proud to support! And proud to say our small-business knows a good thing when we see it, and in Umami Kushi‘s case, taste it! Chef Harold was a favorite regular at Tin Umbrella Coffee, when he first treated […]

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Pay it Forward: Gift Coffee Cards & Punchcards

Inspired by our customer, Wendy: Now anyone can “pay it forward” & give the gift of coffee! Leave your filled punchcard or prepay in $5 increments to “gift” coffee to someone of your choosing (a new mother, a longtime resident, someone who forgot their wallet, or just someone who needs it & our baristas will […]

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Thank you.

This small business is overwhelmed with gratitude for your love, and support, and purchases. Thank you, to all our customers, to our community, to the fellow business owners (tirelessly trying to build something from next-to-nothing). To our entire Tin Umbrella “team”: when it seems like too much, it’s all of you who keep me believing!‪ […]

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