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Love Tin Umbrella? Tell the World + Win a Week of Tacos & Coffee!

Do you love Tin Umbrella Coffee? Tell the world what you 💗 most & win ONE week of Sunrise Tacos breakfast tacos and coffee of your choice! Post a review on Yelp, Google+, or here on Facebook! Our baristas will pick their fave on Valentine’s Day! ‪#‎coffee‬ ‪#‎morethancoffee‬ ‪#‎tacos‬‪#‎southseattlelove‬

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This February: Fall in Love with Kelly Portfolio Illustrations

For the month of February, fall in love with the delightful work of Kelly Kellyportfolio Illustrations! Pick up a stunning, framed print for your sweetheart (or snag one for yourself): just don’t miss this sweet show!‪ #‎hillmancitylove‬ ‪#‎valentines‬ ‪#‎art‬ ‪#‎seattle‬ ‪#‎coffee‬ ‪#‎morethancoffee‬

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This Just Happened @ Tin Umbrella Coffee

And, THIS just happened! ‪ #‎tinumbrella‬ ‪#‎hillmancity‬ #2.5yearslater

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2016-01-19 14.41.07

New: Chocolate Bobka at Tin Umbrella

It’s the best of everything: chocolate bobka, by The Essential Baking Company, combines cinnamon, chocolate, in a perfectly-flakey, delish pastry, now at Tin Umbrella Coffee! Seriously good.

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2016-01-22 10.56.27

Coffee with Hey Marseilles

Just another day, in a small town called Seattle: on their way outta town, kicking off a new TOUR, all the guys from one of our fave bands, Hey Marseilles, stopped by the shop to pick up five pounds of Tin Umbrella Coffee’s Chase Your Dreams Blend, roasted right here in Hillman City. No one […]

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2015-11-22 12.33.37

This Thursday: Fuel Good

This Thursday, we suggest challenging yourself to the Tin Umbrella Coffee trifecta: start with a locally roasted latte (with yours truly), cross the street for bbq chicken sandwich lunch at Big Chickie, browse the truly unique-vintage goodness Jacob Willard Home. It may not make the rain go away, but it will sure make you feel […]

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